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  • PTM at pws hamirpur


    A Parent Teacher Meet was held at PWS Hamirpur on 23 Mar 2018 to discuss the performance of students with their parents. Dy CDR, 120 INF BDE was present on this ocassion
    The fwg points were given by parents
    1. Teachers should make efforts to improve english proficiency among students
    2. ‎Students should have a homework dairy which is to be checked and signed daily by teachers and parents
    3. ‎Extra classes to be run for students especially for those who are appearing for entrance examinations like JNV, AGPS Rajouri
    4. ‎Alternate location to be selected to continue classes during shelling and bad weather conditions
    5. ‎Principal should be an army person but not civilian
    6. ‎Each and every student should get a chance to participate in extra curricular activities
    7. ‎School buses should sound horn when they reached student pickup points
    8. ‎PTM should be conducted every month

    It was a great interaction between the teachers and the parents for the development of their children where they discussed both the strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvements.